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Dedicated to Bellamy, Beaumont & My Dogs



Bellamy’s Pad is dedicated to Bellamy and his successor, Beaumont, both now sadly departed and missed terribly. Bellamy, so obedient from a mere 4 months of age; absolutely trustworthy on all of our adventures, which included a cable car ride. Great carrier of my ski poles!  A true, loyal companion, still missed after many years. 



Beaumont, handsome, a real gentleman; a very chatty chappie, most gentle, loving loyal boy you could ever wish to have beside you. Clever. Adored the kitchen! Often found upside down on the bed, dreaming. Missed every day. Always in my heart



 Our first Golden Retriever. She was a gentle lady, well behaved and gave birth to four wonderful puppies fairly late in life. Our family all fell in love with Goldens when we got Honey and happily welcomed several more into our lives through the years. 



 The first born puppy to Honey, Solomon remained a beloved family member. It was so sad when the other puppies were collected by their new families.
Solomon, tall and proud, a very handsome dog, loving, kind and intelligent. He won several rosettes at shows including a first, but show life was not for us. Loved for his companionship. Beautiful, sweet boy, he lived to the age of 15 years.



Sophie, a white bundle of fluff was purchased when I started work and made our Golden Retriever family up to three. What a cute puppy! Gentle lady but a real escape artist as a pup. So many times I had to 'retrieve' her from next door. She grew into a lovely girl. Loved living with Honey and Solomon. Sadly passed very shortly after Solomon. Heartbreaking.



Bonnie, inherited from my mother. Lovely lady. Pensioner, but loved to play and was a great pal to Beaumont. They enjoyed play fighting together and 'snorting' quite a lot.

She was spoiled rotten by my mother so needed to lose weight when she came to live with me.  what a transformation; lost weight, shiny coat, she loved her walks and playtime. Dear old lady, lost at 14 years.

Bella & Cassi

Meet my current beautiful dogs; the 'girlies' Bella and Cassi. Sisters, devoted, loving, adore each other.