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Dog Grooming & Spa Services


Individual Grooming Sessions

Professionally trained with qualifications from Canada and UK, we offer one-on-one grooming appointments. A home from home for your dog, we pride ourselves on providing a gentle touch and treat your dog as our own. Fully insured and member of the Pet Industry Federation.

Natural Products

We use natural grooming products, containing various plant extracts such as aloe vera, jojoba oil, chamomile and citronella , all relevant to supporting healthy skin and coat or combating fleas.

Spa Therapy

Treat your dog to a pamper. Mud pack treatments to rejuvinate skin: Dead Sea minerals help to cleanse and open pores, also helps shed any old coat. Salt scrubs for dry/cracked paws. To book, ask for 'The Full Beaumonty'.

Why Is Grooming Important?

Regular grooming is very important for your dog. Removing knots, tangles, debris helps keep the coat in its natural 'lay' so that the dog is comfortable and looks tidy. Knots or mats, especially if allowed to build up, can pull your dogs skin causing great discomfort.

Having a grooming session also provides an opportunity to feel and examine the skin for any irregularities such as cuts, dandruff, scabs or parasites.

Owners who regularly brush/comb their dogs help keep the coat in good condition in between grooms and also make the grooming session easier for groomer and dog.

VIP Discounts

Book four grooming appointments and get £5.00 off the fourth appointment. Ask for a VIP card.

Puppy & New Dog Socials

New puppy? New family member? Bring your pet along to the grooming salon just for a visit and treat. Help your dog get used to standing in the bath, on the grooming table, hearing water run, listen to the dryer, have a cuddle! Really helps your dog to enjoy grooming rather than protest. Book a groom social now. 

Our Terms of Service for Grooming